Sunday, August 7, 2011

Frederik Jensen

Frederik Jensen born on 25 March 1921 in Oslo, Norway. His father was a mechanical engineer and member of the Conservative Party. Jensen was a member of the NS in 1940. When he stays in Germany to study political and language science, the Russo-German war broke and he left his study to join with the Waffen-SS. He served as a machine-gunner with ‘Der Führer’ Regiment and wounded in his lung during a fighting in Moscow front. He was send to Warsaw to get a treatment.

After his recovery, Jensen followed the 8. Shortened Wartime Course (8. Kriegs-Junker-Lehrgang) at Bad Tölz between 8 June to 5 December 1942. Promoted as a SS-Standartenoberjunker der Waffen-SS, he was later joining with SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 9 ‘Germania’. He led a company in the regiment and fought with the ‘Wiking’ SS Division until he got another serious wound in Warsaw front.

After his recovery in Norway, where he served as adjutant for the staff chief of Germanske SS Norge, Jensen, now an SS-Obersturmführer der Waffen-SS, first was ordered to a German armored unit and lately to an Unteroffizier school at Kreisheim. When the Americans closed up, the school was ordered to fight them. He was then wounded for the fifth time that was on the 22th April 45 at Ellwangen, Bavaria. He escaped captivity, but was arrested near the Austrian border, at Zell am See. He spent two years in different camps, including Dachau, before he ran away and went to Norwegian consulate in Hamburg. There he was arrested, sent to Norway and was sentenced three months for treason and lost his civil right for 10 years.

After having served his prison sentence, Jensen moved to Sweden. He died at Ystad Hospital on July 31, 2011.

Jensen was the most highly decorated Norwegian. Aside his EK II and I, he got the German Cross in Gold on 7 December 1944 based on "more than three years of distinguished service".