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Eduard Matutinovic

Eduard Matutinovic was born in Zaostrog (Croatia, Dalmatia) on September 15, 1923. He studied economics in Sarajevo at an economics school. In summer 1941, Matutinovic joined with the Croatian Domobranstvo. Later he was send to Stockerau, Germany, (it appears as if he volunteered or was conscripted into one of the German-Croatian Legion Divisions). On December 31, 1942, he was promoted to Fähnrich (Infanterie).
After finishing his training, he was send to his homeland to fought the guerillas. During early 1943, he engages the communists near Slavonski Brod.

On May 2, 1943, Matutinovic volunteered for the ‘Handschar’ Division. He was send to Villefranche-de- Rouergue for training in August. However, he became depressed when he convinced that the division was to be engaged in Russia, not in his homeland. He latter participates in his unit mutiny on September 17. He avoids capture by the Germans by hiding in a canal. He eventually winds up in a German labor camp in Wuppertal. He made an escape, makes his way back to France, and joined with the French Resistance. He serves with them until the Liberation and was commissioned as a lieutenant in the French army.

In the end of 1944, he come back to his homeland. He joined with the Partisan 9th Dalmatian Brigade. He was sent to Trieste. In 1945, during a Partisan movement to Vojvodina, he drowns in the Danube under mysterious circumstances. He was buried in Vinkovci on July 7, 1945.

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