Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ulf-Ola Olin

Ulf-Ola Olin born on 18 July 1917 in Helsinki, Finland, a son of Kaufmanns Guido Rafael-Olin and Amilia Augusta zur Welt. Served as a Finnish reserve officer during Russo-Finish War 1939-40, Olin was send to Germany in May 1941 with a contingent of Finnish soldiers who would be joined with a Finnish Waffen-SS unit. After trained in Gross-Born, Olin was send to Eastern Front with the main troops of the Finnish Freiwillige Battalion in December 1941.

Olin served with 4.K/Finnisches Freiwilligen Batallion during 1941-1943 and participated in Caucasus campaign, where he got an Iron Cross, 2nd Class. When the Finnish SS battalion dissolved and send home, he chooses to remain with the Waffen-SS and served at 7./SS-Pz.Rgt.5. of the ‘Wiking’ Division. During the fighting around Warsaw on the 10 August, 1944, Olin and his crew destroyed 11 anti-tank guns and two T-34s. He also destroyed five tanks on the 20 October. For his bravery and successful military leadership, Olin received the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold on the 28 February, 1945.

Olin survived the war and died on 11 January 1995 in Kassel, Germany.

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