Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ritterkreuz: A Magazine Dedicated to Waffen SS Military History

Ritterkreuz is a magazine which is exclusively dedicated to the Waffen-SS, reserved to the members of the historical studies society "Ritterkreuz".

The publication is distributed free of charge to the members of the society "Ritterkreuz", which has been originated whithin the cultural society "computer club Italia" (founded in 1985 by M. Afiero), without any lucrative aim and with the only objective to pursue the historical research about the Second World War and in particular about the Axis Armed Forces (Germany, Italy and Japan) and its Allied Nations (Rumania, Slowakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Kroatia and Finland).

To obtain the membership into the society "Ritterkreuz" and to receive the magazine (in PDF format via email), it's sufficient just to release a free contribution for the current year. However, to receive the printed copy of the magazine (52 illustrated pages , 4 pages in colour), on 2 monthly basis, a minimum contribution of 40 (fourty) Euro is requested (European foreign countries included), in order to cover the printing and shipping (only via prioritary mail) costs. For info send an email to:

List of Ritterkreuz editions
List of Ritterkreuz articles

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